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The EMAAA workshop produces attractive and unusual Mosaic coverings . Each production is a new discovery, in the workshop the materials, textures and colours are brought together with the expectations of the client, the architecture and the existing decor.

Art hotel Floor mosaic

preparatory drawings and finished work

The preparatory drawings and the realisation. When the doors of the lift open, the number of the floor is on the ground. 

The preparatory drawings for the mosaic
Finished work
When the doors of the lift open, the number of the floor is on the ground. 
Finished work

Carrara marble, Statuario, Belgian granite, PortoroBardiglioBardiglieto marble, we used these different stones to create this mosaic within a decor principally in black and white. The finished surfaces are ground down to give a semi-polished effect. 

the mosaic is within a decor principally in black and white

Mosaic house Calade


Designed by Sébastien Hoëltzener. Pathway made with pebbles in the garden of the Maison de la Mosaïque in Paray-Le-Monial.

Design of the pathway

Finished work

Pathway in black and white pebbles, made with the traditional technique called genoan Risseü, with a sand and lime-based mortar. 

Pathway, finished work



Sienese yellow marble pebbles, basket work motif, the seduction of natural materials and warm tones. 

Seduction of natural materials

Finished work

A terrasse as part of a landscape architecture project. Calade. 

Landscape architecture project

Entrance way mosaic

Preparatory drawings

We choose pastel tones for the marbles we use for this entrance way. With motifs using fine lines and areas of color. The shapes with uncertain contours are evocative of the sinuous lines of the curves of leaves, of shells and of footprints.  

Preparatory drawings for entrance

Finished work

This mosaic using anticati marble, was made using the indirect technic, were the motifs are prefabricated, mounted on paper, then transferred on site. 

 indirect technic



This brightly colored panel made of stoneware and smalti is smooth-surfaced. 

Brightly colored panel in mosaic

Finished work

This children's bathroom wall panel was made from a design based on illustration by Brian Wildsmith. 

Children's bathroom in mosaic
Meilleurs Ouvriers de France
Mosaïque d’art