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Each piece unique, these miniature Mosaics can be used as charming and easily transportable decorations. Small gems that can enliven the house or the office, pocket-mosaics can follow you wherever you go.

Black agate

Venetian smalti, flint. A rereading in mosaic of a section through a semi-precious stone. 

Black agate in Venetian smalti and flint
Black agate in Venetian smalti and flint, close up.


Marble, stone, smalti. This mosaic evokes a woven effect. 

Woven effect in mosaic

Red line

Stoneware. A reinterpretation of african cloth with stoneware tesserae. 

A reinterpretation of african cloth
Stoneware tesserae african

Blue stone

White gold, smalti, stoneware, flint. A textured mosaic inspired by agate. A miniature landscape. 

A miniature landscape in mosaic
Closeup of a miniature landscape in mosaic


Venetian smalti. Mosaic rereading of african cloth. 

Mosaic rereading of african cloth
Closeup mosaic rereading of african cloth


Slate. A one-material minimalist mosaic. 

Minimalist mosaic with slate.
Mosaic with slate.


Marble, stoneware, terracotta. A surprising tactile stone carpet. 

Tactile stone carpet in mosaic

Gold and flint

White and natural gold, flint. A subtle association between a raw and precious material. 

Raw and precious material, gold and flint
Closeup with gold tesserae

Yellow stone

Yellow sienese marble. A luminous reinterpretation of a semi-precious stone. 

Yellow sienese marble
Yellow sienese marble mosaic


Stoneware, glass. 
A miniature landscape. 

A miniature landscape in mosaic
A miniature landscape in mosaic, closeup
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